About Naveed Gilani

Naveed GilaniNeither very clever nor particularly gifted in any special way, Naveed is grateful for all the good things that have come his way.

When he was young he thought he would conquer the world. Soon after, he learnt better and was happy with others conquering it.

An engineer by education and training, he has been extremely lucky, found everything in life that he could hope for and then some; an ever loving family – parents, children, wife, brothers, sister, nieces, nephews, uncles, cousins, etc., a big flock of true friends – ever increasing in numbers from childhood to now, a good health – not just good but great, and above all happiness – often elusive for most. He loves the outdoors and is a bona fide health nut.

His professional journey started as a classical engineer and somewhere along the way ventured into general management with some dabbling in social enterprises. Forty-three years hence he sees his sunset years mostly spent in not-for-profit work. 

It has been fulfilling and eventful, to say the least. Like they say, ‘been there, done that’.