• My Trek to Everest Base Camp

    By NAVEED GILANI “I was taught by my respected chief and predecessor Col. George Everest, to assign to every geographical object its true local or national appellation…but here is a mountain, most probably the highest in the world, without any local name that we can discover…….I have determined to name this noble peak ……….Mt. Everest”… Read more »

  • Ballad of a Soldier

    By NAVEED GILANI My beloved father, a Topchi (Gunner) by training, served proudly and honorably for 29 years in the military. First four years in the Royal British Indian Army and the later twenty five in the Pakistan Army. Retiring at the rank of Brigadier he was commissioned in 1943 when the British had already… Read more »

  • From Snows of Kilimanjaro to Uhuru Peak

    By NAVEED GILANI Yuichiro Miura, at age 80, is the oldest man to have summited the Mount Everest.That too, for the third time!It was in May 2013. I read the news with much admiration and a whole lot of envy. But that’s not his only achievement.He had first thought of climbing the summit when he… Read more »

  • Lamentations of a Despondent Citizen

    At the fag end of the present government’s tenure I am going through a rather personal tribulation which, I am now thinking, may also prove to be a ‘game-changer’ for me. It has forced me to look at my beloved country from the eyes of the millions of hapless citizens from whose perspective the picture… Read more »

  • Interview on CNBC – Power Hour

    Program: Power Hour on CNBC

  • Interview on TV One – Brand Power

    Program: Brand Power on TV One

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  • Lead us, PLEASE!

    Am I the only guy in this country who is fed up with what’s happening? Then why are we not showing our outrage? We should be screaming bloody murder! We’ve got a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of state right over a cliff. We’ve got politicians & politically connected gangsters stealing us blind…. Read more »

  • Wives – The More The Marryier

    There is this story about an Arab Sheikh who had tens of wives. He had built a very comfortable 5-star Harem for housing his loving wives. He also had a pet bear, not a grizzly just a plain black one. His bear was trained to recognize the wives by their tag numbers and would bring… Read more »

  • Sheikh Saadi and Abe Lincoln

    My grandfather, a worldly wise man who lived for almost a century, would quote Sheikh Saadi often. One of his favorites was; If money is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, but if character is lost everything is lost. It is this Character that Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of… Read more »